From The Founder & CEO of Marthz Institute of Driving and Security Studies (MIDSS)


Dear Prospective Trainee/Student,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to this vocational institute which has been designed to equip employers, employees, unemployed youths, and entrepreneurs, in their respective capacities, both in knowledge and skills, for efficiency, technical expertise, and professionalism, in the field of driving and security studies.

The astonishing technological and economic events of recent times have dramatically changed the world and the way activities are conducted. Understanding the consequences of these changes is crucial to you, and your organization.

Established in 2013, Marthz Institute of Driving & Security Studies (MIDSS) is a subsidiary of Marthz Car Rental & Security Service Ltd, and a vocational institute, where individuals who are interested in driving and security related careers, are equipped with global standard skills and knowledge , and released as tested experts in their chosen field.

With a team of highly experienced consultants, trainers, and industry standard facilities, MIDSS is well positioned to offer the best quality to her trainees/students. This is evident in the high level of excellence and quality, shown by our graduates, in their respective organizations.
We have on recommendation from our Research & Development Unit, approved the immediate implementation of an online training center, to enhance our drive towards achieving desired goals, and best outputs, in terms of efficiency, and quality. We have accordingly, published a very dynamic and efficient Program Curriculum that can meet expected industry demands, quality, and expertise.
MIDSS undertakes to provide conducive and effective virtual learning platforms for all students of our programs. Kindly download and study the program guide, to learn more about your choice programs and register for them accordingly.

Understand and profit from today’s dynamic events, by studying here at MIDSS.
I look forward to welcoming you, your colleagues, and staff.

Accept the expression of my good regards.


Mr. Afam Emeka Divine
Founder & President of MIDSS